Advantages for Animators

Dedicated and active Animators can potentially get the following opportunities:

  1. With the support of Institute of Schuman’s Thought (IMS), access to experts and institutions in the subject areas.
  2. Creating a consortium with IMS to raise funds for joint implementation of foreign projects.
  3. Free one-year education Universal Christian Social Teaching University (PUNCS)
  4. Organizing a conference or seminar at the European Parliament in Strasbourg under the aegis of IMS.
  5. Signing a prospective agreement with IMS, which gives extended possibilities of multithreaded development of the Animator’s activity.
  6. IMS as a Think-Tank will enable undertaking and mobilizing processes, including funds to support the Animator in the area in question (joint research and social analysis in and around the Animator’s environment).
  7. As part of the functioning of the European PUNCS, Animators may recruit foreigners as Listeners from their environment in the country of residence.
  8. Animators may delegate their foreign lecturers and sit on the Program Board of the established European PUNCS in English.
  9. A dedicated Animator may supervise the activities of an IMS branch abroad by separating a unit in the entity of its activity that will perform the functions of the IMS branch and extend the capabilities and areas of activity of the Animator.
  10. Free integration meetings in Poland will be organized for the Animator, attended by Animators from all over Europe.
  11. Taking up the function of an Animator allows for a significant expansion of existing activities and increased efficiency, because the Animator community will form a kind of network with high synergy.
  12. Animators have the opportunity to appear on TVP World, which is broadcast on the Internet throughout Europe. As part of this initiative, representatives of animators can speak live on one of the 10 AWPE topics, as part of a permanent thematic block on TVP World called Animation of the Image of Poland in Europe.
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