Conference “Christian and social thought in shaping the future of Europe”. Beata Kempa: We want to be in the EU, but in the Schuman Union

“We want to be in the EU, but in the Schuman Union” – said MEP Beata Kempa during the conference “Christian and social thought in shaping the future of Europe” organized in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Chairman of the Program Council of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought prof. Zbigniew Krysiak announced the creation of a coalition of people of good will who would implement the idea of Robert Schuman and that the Institute of Schuman’s Thought would organize a summit attended by all “people of good will whose heart beats for Robert Schuman”.

“The European Union was founded on Christian roots. Today, here in the European Parliament, we see how the left-liberal forces are cutting themselves off from this Christian heritage with all their might” – said MEP Jadwiga Wiśniewska during the conference. “The voice from Poland must be an unambiguous voice, a very clear voice: we will never renounce our cultural, religious and national heritage. We want a Europe of equal opportunities and the same possibilities. We want a Europe truly united in diversity. There will never be our consent for the vision of Europe Chancellor Scholz presented to the European Parliament” – she said, referring to Olaf Scholz’s speech in the European Parliament, in which he called for the creation of a European superstate. “We must say: “Non possumus” – added prof. Zbigniew Krysiak. “Over last months we observed rising interest related to the Europe of Schuman, Schuman’s Europe” – the founder of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought noticed. “Superstate is something, which is killing national tradition, patriotism, national institutions. And I am happy that Olaf Scholz was basically talking to the empty room. Out of the 750 deputies in European Parliament there were present five people, so it means nobody likes it” – he added.

“We want to be in the EU, but in the Schuman Union”

“In every document we run, for example, in an important document on food security in Europe and in the world in the face of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, there is even content about gender, gender mainstreaming, as if it had any meaning at all for such a document that it even called for the fact that this security is absolutely at risk” – MEP Beata Kempa reported on her work in the European Parliament, pointing out that in the EU “this ideological ferocity is at a very high level”. She emphasized that in all the documents that are being processed, there is the will of the leadership of Germany and France. She also noted the tendency to “hit countries where at the beginning of their term of office there were, or now, due to new elections in the Member States, conservative governments appear”.

“This quite dangerous, very tendentious trend of creating documents that are supposed to be a kind of baton for these governments is common here” – she said. “Some of us lived through the times of the Soviet occupation. We know what a ruthless dictate means, and at the moment this sentence is also ruthlessly, brazenly and even shouted imposed” – she emphasized. “Of course we want to be in the European Union, but in the Union of Schuman, Adenauer, de Gasperi, in the Union where the Marian symbol is in the flag. One should never give up and one should never be a total skeptic. I am a man of hope and I believe that hope does not die. It is clear that this (green ideological agenda – ed.) will not be able to withstand society and it will be societies that will issue a yellow card to ideologues” – she emphasized, recalling that in France people can no longer stand it and there are revolts. “Also in the Netherlands, where farmers were ordered to kill 3 million head of cattle and an artificial meat factory is being created” – she added, pointing out that protests are also in Belgium, “because there is a very difficult geopolitical situation related to the crisis and war”. “These next elections, which will be in 2024, will be very important. Perhaps we will not yet get this conservative, right-wing majority, the majority of true values, but in my opinion we can already have a majority blocking all these crazy tendencies of very hot and unreal heads after all” – she predicted.

“Robert Schuman usually said: we need to get into the action, we cannot just seat and observe” – summed up prof. Zbigniew Krysiak, pointing out that together with young people from all over Europe, the Institute of Schuman’s Thought is trying to create a “coalition without borders”. “And this works” – he emphasized. At the same time, he pointed to the need to spread Robert Schuman’s concept before the upcoming elections as a great task facing conservative circles. “We are creating movement of Robert Schuman currently not only in Poland, but internationally, so that you know, we are supporting your activities. I think we need to create a group of soldiers, not for a battle with the warhead, military equipment, but to be in the battle against that destructive directions, which the people, who lost logical thinking are going to create” – he explained. “Poland would like to have a community of European nations and the Poland especially is going to be engaged to realize that. Poland never moves back from that direction, because our John Paul II said: ‘You have a duty towards the Europe'” – he added.

The fight for a true community of sovereign states

“We are no longer in Schuman’s Europe” – lamented Norbert Kleinwächter, a German politician and member of the Bundestag. “We need to find out why the Europe Olaf Scholz, Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen represent has nothing to do with Robert Schuman cherished for the first place” – he added.

He pointed to the need to return to the European Community in line with Robert Schuman’s vision. “Europe should not be a superstate, Europe should always be a community of European nations working together” – he said. “For Schuman European Community always ment a supremacy of the nation completed by European cooperation” – he remainded. At the same time, he pointed out that people associated with non-governmental organizations, including the Open Society Foundation, are appointed to EU institutions, which has an impact on the decisions made and is far from Robert Schuman’s concept. He also underlined the EU’s serious deficits in democracy.

“The European Community of sovereign nations, that we fight for, requires supremacy of national, democratic, sovereign law and there is only a complementarian European Community coordination in the field, that member states see fit” – he noticed, adding that “sovereignty, democracy and freedom are the highest value”.

Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak announced the creation of a coalition of people of good will who would implement the idea of Robert Schuman and that the Institute of Schuman’s Thought would organize a summit attended by all “people of good will whose heart beats for Robert Schuman”. “I believe that Poland has a big role to play here. Namely, a country that shows that you can reconcile tradition and modernity, that you can take care of your own national interests, and at the same time support other countries and be in favor of EU enlargement. I believe that the role of Poland is huge” – added Ryszard Czarnecki, MEP.

Anna Wiejak

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