Dictatorship of post-law Europe

On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) adopted a report containing draft amendments to the EU Treaties. It will be put to a vote during the November session of the European Parliament and will probably be passed. The problem is that, according to the letter of the law, treaty changes cannot be adopted by vote, but by unanimity, and not at the level of the European Parliament, but of the governments of individual countries. Therefore, the very fact that AFCO has raised this issue at all constitutes a serious breach of the existing treaties, national constitutions and an interference with the prerogatives of the governments of the Member States. Apparently, the ideologized EU mainstream, alongside the post-truth era, wants to bring a post-law era to Europe.

We have seen many times that EU institutions do not comply with treaties. Examples could be multiplied, although the most scandalous seem to be: the CJEU’s decision to close Turów, interference in ideological matters, the attack on the Polish State Forests and the Białowieża Forest, and the EC’s interference in the Polish judiciary. The efforts of the Polish political elite to quell attacks from Brussels only encouraged the latter to launch further attacks. As a result, we have a situation of an EU dictatorship, which closes the system of subordination of member states in order to incorporate them into one EU superstate. This is happening in violation of the law and good political customs and – horror of horrors – with the complete indifference of citizens. After all, the problem of loss of sovereignty concerns not only Poland, but also other EU countries, and at least some of them seem to be not only reconciled with their fate, but also satisfied with Germany’s domination. After a meeting with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, declared that Prague and Berlin should “start writing a new chapter in relations” and appealed to Germany to “take the initiative in geopolitical issues and bear responsibility in the new era of international relations for Europe”. Pavel emphasized that he is aware that in many countries “German leadership” is a sensitive issue, so in his opinion a better term is “German responsibility”. He added that “the Czech Republic is ready” to support Germany in this work. He expressed the view that it would be “unhappy” if the growing role of Central and Eastern Europe resulted in intracontinental competition of the region with “traditional Western Europe.”

The problem is that “traditional Western Europe” basically no longer exists, replaced by an ideologized monster on a rampage of destruction. Mentally anchored in the neo-Marxist concept of post-truth, it heads straight towards post-law and its dictatorship. Therefore, if anyone thinks that the Great Reset – the dream of a narrow group of global elites – will take place legally, they are deeply mistaken. After Germany takes power in the European Union, nothing will happen in the spirit of the letter of the law, but a top-down dictate in line with Altiero Spinelli’s line set out in the Ventotene Manifesto. The Chinese model of social management will be applied in Europe, which will mean relative prosperity for left-wing activists, while at the same time persecuting people attached to Catholic values and the faith itself. The only acceptable “truth” will be that served from the centers of power, and the only “law” will be that imposed from above by the headquarters. It will be an oppressive system, supported by the latest technological achievements, and therefore surveillance of everyone, everywhere. This surveillance will not be regulated by law, because the law as such will basically not exist – the system managers will have full decision-making power, but this will have nothing to do with the classically understood law.

When Germany takes over power in the EU, democracy as such will disappear, replaced by facade elections for facade institutions that only perform executive functions of directives coming from the management center. Germany’s “historical mission” will again become the construction of totalitarianism, which Robert Schuman feared in the last century when he wrote: “As long as they are divided, as long as they feel the longing for unity, Germany poses less of a threat to peace in other countries. As soon as their need for unity is satisfied, they become once again obsessed with new ideas of domination. They are easily convinced that providence has a special mission for them”. It is worth adding that Germany will use the current crises: wars, terrorism, economic crisis as catalysts for a new version of national socialism transferred to the EU level. What Adolf Hitler failed to achieve with weapons, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the President of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, will achieve with the help of EU institutions and capital aggression.

In this system, freedom of speech will be replaced by restrictive censorship – real journalism will fade into oblivion, replaced by propaganda officials, while the media will be forced to serve their audiences the official government message. Information societies will become propaganda societies and will have no insight into what the government is doing. It will be a system of slavery, although only a few will be physically shackled and placed in places of confinement. Besides, there will be no need to put people in prison because they will enslave themselves with cheap entertainment and electronic gadgets. Deprived of the ability to think logically, they will not be able to make a correct diagnosis of the reality they find themselves in, and therefore they will not be able to develop recovery plans.

In the post-law era, everything will be relative with well-hidden content, so even grasping the essence of the problem will pose considerable difficulties for those who still retain the remnants of common sense. The paradox is that we are achieving all this in a so called democratic way – because someone voted for people who had this in their electoral programs – which has nothing in common with real democracy.

Anna Wiejak

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