Ewa Gawęda: If we want the true development of Europe, we must not destroy its foundations

“We are dealing with the fact that certain forces, certain particular interests of large powers influence this community of sovereign states to be transformed into such a superstate, which is absolutely at odds with what the fathers of the community of European nations intended” – said Senator Ewa Gawęda (PiS) before the beginning of the meeting of the Senate Group of Robert Schuman, which took place on June 21.

“When on June 7 and 8, 2003, Poles voted in a referendum for accession to the European Union, they did not vote only for prosperity, for a more comfortable life, but above all for living in a safe Europe, so that could live in country where they can cherish their identity, where there will be solidarity, patriotism and, above all, freedom in raising their own children in the Catholic faith. That is why today, when all the values on which the European Union was supposed to be based are somehow shaken and threatened, I believe that we should recall what was the purpose of establishing the European Union and, if necessary, fight for it – Ewa Gawęda said.

She expressed hope that the meeting of the Senate Group of Robert Schuman would not only start a discussion on this subject, but would also contribute to the fight for all these values to be above all else in the European community.

In her opinion, the fundamental concept created by Robert Schuman is seriously threatened.

“Powerful forces pursuing their particular interests strive to transform Schuman’s community of nations organized into sovereign states into some omnipotent creation, a kind of superstate ruled undemocratically, devoid of such values as solidarity, patriotism, or the right to raise our children in the Christian faith and the traditional system of values, trying to take over Europe” – she noticed.

“On June 7 and 8, 2003, exactly twenty years ago, Poles voted in the accession referendum for accession to the European Union. We did not vote only for prosperity and a more comfortable life, but for a real community, such as Robert Schuman’s dream” – she emphasized.

“Europe is changing at a pace we have never experienced before. Today we live differently than our fathers, but if we want real development of Europe, if we want to live in a safe and just world, we must not destroy our fundamental assumptions. We must protect them, and if you have to, fight for them” – the PiS senator concluded.

Anna Wiejak

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