German politicians think that Poland is a Land of the Fourth Reich?

German politicians think that Poland is a Land of the Fourth Reich – such conclusions can be drawn after an interview that Manfred Weber gave to ZDF television. The politician, known for his attacks on Poland, announced in it that Law and Justice would be fought by him because – as he claimed – it did not accept the rule of law. At the same time, he described Jarosław Kaczyński’s party as “the enemy”.

Apart from the fact that it is the Germans who do not abide by the law by notoriously breaking treaties, it is worth noting that the last time they defined Poles as an enemy, it ended with the outbreak of World War II and unprecedented genocide, which they committed mainly against the Polish and Jewish nations. Poles have not yet received compensation for those German crimes, and they are already hearing that the party that demands reparations on their behalf is an “enemy” of the German state. The conclusions speak for themselves…

The fact is that Germany does not treat Poland as a partner, using capital and now political violence against it. Berlin is irritated by the fact that our country is blocking the federalization of the European Union under the aegis of Germany and by intensive economic development, including infrastructural investments. For this reason, they are trying – against the law and decency – to openly interfere in Polish political life and deprive the current government of power. At the same time, they are brazen enough to accuse us of lacking the rule of law.

Well, it would be good for the Germans to finally understand that, first of all, decisions regarding the Polish state are made in Warsaw, not in Berlin. Secondly, Poles have the full right to choose the government they choose in democratic elections, while their neighbors are obliged to respect this choice and not to openly interfere in the internal affairs of the Polish state. Third, if other countries wish German domination, they are free to pay homage to Berlin or choose any other form of submission. It will be their sovereign decision. Poland does not wish to be a German land, and Poles – poorly paid laborers in German companies. Fourthly, if the OSCE wants to observe the elections in Poland, I would first suggest looking at Berlin’s moves in the context of these elections, because so many abuses will not be encountered anywhere else. Fifthly, in the case of the Germans, imperialism and the will to dominate prevail over common sense and economic calculations. The Germans apparently do not understand that the model of coexistence of European nations once proposed by Robert Schuman, which they have now rejected, would guarantee them a much greater development than attempts to dominate their neighbors and subordinate them to the decisions made in Berlin. It is worth recalling here how the father of the European Community diagnosed the problem with Germany: “We might think that Germany, having achieved political unity, would be satisfied with the considerable role it was to play in Europe and in the world, thanks to its strength and the advantages of its race. But, after first, they had a bad conscience: the beginnings of the Reich were tainted with violence and injustice. Secondly, it must be acknowledged that history has proved that Germany will forever be discontented. This is why there was and probably always will be a German problem.”

In this context, it should be noted that the origins of the modern German state are stained with violence. Although the Germans cut themselves off from the Third Reich, but only formally, because in reality the Nazis became part of the official and ruling cadre of the German state. Moreover, as I have already mentioned, they have not made reparation for the crimes committed, and now they have the audacity to define the Polish government as an enemy. What happened was exactly what Robert Schuman predicted when he wrote: “As long as they are divided, as long as they long for unity, Germany poses less of a threat to peace in other countries. As soon as their need for unity is satisfied, they become obsessed with new ideas of domination again” . This obsession is clearly visible. The only question is, what tragedy will it end this time?

Anna Wiejak

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