Germans should understand that Polish Catholics love gays but condemn the sin of sodomy

Presenting Polish Catholics as haters of gays is nothing more than building an unfair and even harmful stereotype calculated to evoke negative emotions. It has a very specific purpose.

“The mother does not suspect anything, and the boy has not yet tried to confide in her. He knows that his parents stick together (…) and the mother admires his father. In addition, the father explained to him that his mother, who comes from Poland and is a faithful Catholic hates gays and will reject him as a son. Other family members would share this attitude as well” – this is an excerpt from the text of the German digital basic course officially aimed at protecting pupils from sexual abuse, entitled “Was ist los mit Jaron?” (What’s going on with Jaron?). The Polish consulate intervened in the case, but it has a second bottom.

It is no secret that liberal-left circles throughout the European Union are very disturbed that Poland was spared by the neo-Marxist revolution of 1968, and its second, gender wave, although making progress, still did not give the desired results. The content of television programs, series or provocative music videos has tamed the society with the trends prevailing in Europe, but Catholicism is still holding up well if we look at it from a pan-European perspective, and this is a nightmare not only for ideologized Germans. Hence the manipulation, because let’s face it, the German attack was not the only one we have seen recently and it will certainly not be the last.

On the basis of the above fragment taken from a German course for children, you can see exactly the same manipulative tricks used by extreme left-wing circles throughout the EU, namely the tracing that every believing Catholic hates gays, especially those from Poland. Accusations of Catholic Poles’ lack of tolerance for homosexuals are heard all over Europe, and it is obvious at first glance that they are repeated either by people who have no idea about the essence of the Catholic faith, who are ignorant of Polish realities, or who have ill will. Whatever it may be, it is worth pointing out a few things that perhaps resonate too weakly in the public opinion of the countries of the broadly understood West.

The Founding Lie of the Neo-Marxist Totalitarian System: “Catholics Hate Gays”

Anyone who has the slightest idea of the Catholic faith knows perfectly well that there is no room for hatred in it. Naming and condemning sin is certainly not the hatred. On the contrary – it is an expression of the deepest love for the other person, an expression of concern and anxiety for their spiritual condition. Therefore, it can be said with full responsibility that all manifestations of criticism towards homosexual circles are rather a kind of fraternal admonition, not an attack. The question is why both Germany and other left-liberal circles do not want to accept this? There are several reasons. First, the charge of “intolerance” is very convenient in whipping Poland into becoming more compliant to the leftist agenda. Secondly, creating the myth of the Polish Catholic as a hater is to make our country disgusting in the eyes of other countries, so that we will be left alone in the face of Germany’s attempts. This is a very well-thought-out policy aimed at attacking not only the Polish spirit, but also the state of property, because Berlin via the EU also wants to reach for the property of Poles.

Lie number two: “Polish Catholic mother will reject her son”

The authorities in Berlin are also disturbed by the Polish love of freedom and sovereignty, because they still perceive our country as their sphere of influence and, as you can see, they will do everything to ensure that the rest of Europe has the worst opinion of Poles, because then it will be easier to subordinate them to German imperial policy. This goal is also served by presenting Polish women as mothers ready to reject their children due to their identity problems. Well, it would be good if the Germans acknowledged that Polish Catholic mothers not only do not reject their children in such a situation, but also try to provide them with all possible help, including the kind that is basically not available in Germany, which is permeated with leftist ideology. And this is the superiority of Polish mothers over German mothers, which Berlin would like the rest of Europe not to know.

It is worth emphasizing at this point that children in Germany are served permissive sex education, which is conducive to all kinds of injuries and identity disorders. Poland defends itself against the depravity of children as much as it can, and both Berlin and Brussels do not like it very much. What are the effects of such “education” is shown by research published in 2019 and carried out in 2016-17 by one of the insurance companies (DAK), which shows that almost every fourth German child suffers from mental disorders. Depression affects twice as many girls as boys. In Germany no one want to talk about it, but it’s hypersexualization – at school, online, in peer groups – that is responsible for this state of affairs, as demonstrated by Gail Dines’ study of teenagers in the UK. Whether the British Isles, Germany or Belgium – the mechanism is the same: hypersexualization causes such serious wounds that the young man is unable to cope with, his psyche simply cannot stand it. And one would like to ask, what does this say about German parents?

Germans build harmful stereotypes

Presenting Polish Catholics as haters of gays is nothing more than building an unfair and even harmful stereotype calculated to evoke negative emotions. This is nothing more than a classic example of manipulation, and in addition performed in a less sophisticated way, because it contradicts common sense and offends reason. Poles have proved many times that love of neighbor is close to their hearts: it was in Poland that the persecuted Jews found shelter, it was in Poland that there was no burning of witches when all over Europe was burning, and it was Poland that was an area of multiculturalism and peaceful coexistence of many religions, while in there were bloody sectarian fights in Europe. Also today, also in relation to homosexuals, Poles are guided by love of neighbor, but they expect that their sensitivity will be respected by them. Poles protest when sin is affirmed, but they will always love the sinner as a man created in the image and likeness of the Most High God. This should be understood by both Germany and all of Europe.

Anna Wiejak

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