Germany should start taking responsibility for its actions

SAR by Belgian vessel Godetia, Operation Triton

The German press is alarming that more and more migrants are getting to Germany via the border with Poland, and police officers “work at the limit of their capabilities”. At the same time, pressure is being exerted on Poland to accept illegal immigrants, whom Germany had previously invited.

I must admit that reading tearful articles in the German press about the problems with illegal migrants, I had two feelings. On the one hand, I really feel sorry for the overworked German policemen, and even more so for the women raped by migrants, but on the other hand, it must be made clear that the whole crisis was generated by the German authorities, who now want Poland and Poles to experience such a fate.

The systemic policy of multi-culti and building a society open to migrants, who were officially invited, has been pursued by the German government since 2015 with the full support of German society. It was Germany that generated the situation in which people smugglers found a way to earn money, making a fortune in the flood of Europe by hordes of disorganized barbarian immigrants. It was none other than Chancellor Angela Merkel who photographed the swarthy newcomers and argued about the advantages of welcoming them. It was German economists who were still saying in 2023 that they needed 1.5 million migrants a year to counteract labor shortages. And suddenly it turns out that they change their mind.

“In the first half of the year, the number of illegal migrants who entered Germany via the borders with Poland and the Czech Republic has clearly increased” – spokesman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group on domestic policy said in August. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, 8,062 people entered Germany illegally in July, 2,335 through Poland and 2,032 through the Czech Republic. The German politician admitted that “the situation is out of control”. Politicians from Berlin demand the introduction of border controls with Poland and the Czech Republic, and EU institutions controlled by them are pressing Poland to bring illegal migrants to Poland. This means nothing else than that they do not want to bear the responsibility for the crisis they have caused and put it on the country that from the beginning warned against the consequences of such a policy.

The Germans must finally start to take responsibility for their policies. The brutal truth is that they did not suffer the consequences of World War II (only the greatest criminals were responsible, and Poles still cannot receive reparations from them), nor did they suffer for the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, the construction of which enabled Putin to attack Ukraine, and now they do not want to be responsible for the migration crisis they have caused in Europe. This country is pursuing a policy of disaster in all key areas, and yet has the audacity to claim control over the entire European Union. Interestingly, a large number of EU countries behave as if they suffer from the Stockholm syndrome and agree to this German leadership.

The Polish authorities have a clear position – they democratically give the decision on this matter to the Polish society, which is met with fury by EU officials and politicians, whose democratic decisions of the Member States hurt more than the above-mentioned illegal migrants. If the European Union fails to break free from German domination, it will face either anarchy or totalitarianism, in which Germany already has experience.

Anna Wiejak

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