If there is a “border of evil”, Agnieszka Holland has just crossed it

“After Usnarz, where the guards did not let refugees in and did not allow them medical care, humanitarian aid, where the first pushbacks took place, I understood that an atrocity training camp was being built on the border” – says director Agnieszka Holland in an interview with “Newsweek” (under the title ‘The border of evil’) in relation to situation on the border between Poland and Belarus. Instead of appreciating the efforts of Polish services to ensure the safety of Poles, Holland slanders border guards and Polish authorities, and it is thanks to their efforts that masses of migrants do not get to the EU.

Agnieszka Holland in an interview for “Newsweek” perfectly diagnoses the cause of migration. “[…] what we have been dealing with in recent years on the Polish border, and in recent decades in the entire Western world, is the beginning of a powerful process that will change the world” – she says, apparently aware of the consequences of mass migration of the Muslim population to European countries. “Initially, it will probably change it for the worse, but then maybe for the better, although we won’t have time to find out. History knows the fall of Rome and the invasion of barbarians, which eventually gave rise to a new civilization” – she adds, being – as you can see – aware that these are hordes of barbarians, who Europe invade.

“Putin and Lukashenka are not the first dictators to use migrants as hybrid weapons. In a sense, the Germans did the same with Jews before World War II. First, they created an atmosphere of threat, incited racism, thus allowing anti-Semitism and depriving democratic countries of the moral right to judge dictatorships” – argued Holland, emphasizing that “So, on the one hand, we have reactive countermeasures, and on the other, populist leaders who breed the problem because they see political gold in it”. It is worth noting that probably everyone who is even slightly interested in what we are dealing with on the border with Belarus is aware that the migration problem is not generated by the Polish authorities, but by Vladimir Putin in partnership with the government in Berlin. However, Agnieszka Holland did not say a word about the German “herzlich willkommen” and migration policy. In the interview, however, there were emotions and fake news and other distortions.

“I read a lot and talked to people who went there. After Usnarz, where the guards did not let refugees in and did not allow them medical care, humanitarian aid, where the first pushbacks took place, I understood that an atrocity training camp was being built on the border. In my opinion It was a purely political decision” – thundered the director. And she added: “If dozens of people died in the forests of Białowieża, and several thousand suffered deep suffering, it is a drop in the ocean on a global scale. And the explanation that we have to hurt them, otherwise we will have millions here is not only immoral, but ineffective too. At the same time, if PiS decision-makers really wanted to scare away refugees and make them stop coming, they would do what Merkel and Macron did – they would go around the cities from which planes with refugees take off, convince local authorities not to let people go to suffering, and launched a decent propaganda on social networks, explaining that this is a cruel game of Putin and Lukashenka, and that there is no freedom or a better life on the Polish border”.

Analyzing this fragment, anti-Polish propaganda catches the eye. The border guard always calls refugees for medical care if they need it. It also provides other assistance while transferring immigrants to refugee centers. Many of them are not allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland because they want asylum not in Poland, but in Germany. Another issue is the alleged “graves” that are supposed to be in the Białowieża Forest – this fake news was probably generated only to slander Poland, because I can’t see any other use for it. The last thing the Polish Border Guard would like to do to migrants is to cause suffering to anyone. On the contrary – Polish border guards are extremely composed and patient, while migrants – aggressive and ruthless. We have already dealt with situations where guards and cars were pelted by migrants with stones shot from a slingshot. It even happened that migrants aimed at Polish border guards with smoothbore weapons. This proves that migrants do not have peaceful intentions, which should be clearly articulated in all forums: from domestic to foreign.

As for the politics of Merkel and Macron, the famous director apparently forgot that these two politicians are responsible for the current migration crisis, since she sets them as role models. Or maybe she did not forget, but would like Poland – following the example of Germany and France – to open the door to migrants and expose its citizens to a sharp increase in crime?

Agnieszka Holland even went so far as to “dehumanize” the Polish uniformed services. “Was it the initiation of exercises by the uniformed services to deprive them of their empathic and humanitarian reflexes? Perhaps” – she suggested.

“The authorities in Poland tried to exclude a large part of the country from the law, people allowed them to be locked up in the zone, and the rest of the country agreed without much opposition” – the director perorated. “In Podlasie, almost every family has someone in the Border Guard. And suddenly these people were confronted with an unfamiliar situation, they found themselves under tremendous pressure. I made a few films about the history of the 20th century, read many testimonies about how terribly easy it is to use decent people to make criminals in uniforms” – she added, suggesting that Polish border guards are “criminals in uniforms.” Even more – according to Holland, some border guards “are sadists who got the desired toy – consent to racial hatred and cruelty, for which they receive awards and decorations”. “Giving up humanity is not difficult. Courage is difficult” – states Agnieszka Holland.

I respect freedom of speech, but such slander against people guarding borders cannot be allowed and all those who commit it should be prosecuted ex officio, especially since we are in a crisis situation, and any such action is a threat to our security and the security of the entire European Union.

In an interview with Newsweek, Agnieszka Holland admitted indirectly that she got the information for the film about refugees on the Belarusian border from the second-hand. “I was very impressed by the activist’s description of the search of the car, when the guard asked if ‘the black woman’ sitting next to the driver spoke Polish. And she began to recite ‘Our Father’. For me it was shocking, I immediately understood that I had to have this scene in the film, but my young co-workers did not associate it with the war at all, when Jews in hiding had to learn Catholic prayers in order to survive”.

For me, it is shocking to compare these aggressive migrants, agreed with the services of Putin and Lukashenko, and perhaps to a large extent controlled by them, with the defenseless and innocent Jewish population from the period of World War II. For me personally, this is, on the one hand, slandering the memory of the Holocaust, and on the other hand, indirectly comparing Polish services to the Nazis, which is a monstrous scandal – such slander should be punished ex officio. I believe that these words should condemn the director herself to social ostracism, and her films to be boycotted. Anyway, Holland herself admits with astonishing honesty that the image she presents is a staging. “When a film is made, a certain reality is staged. And it comes to life regardless of space-time” – she says.

However, this is not the end of the artist’s perverted theories. “I’m afraid that instead of a bizarre fence on the Polish border, they will put machine guns that will mow everything that comes close to the fence. I’m afraid that boats in the Mediterranean Sea will not be ignored by the border guards and Frontex, as happened a few weeks ago off the coast of Greece, but bombed. I’m afraid that by accepting these first atrocities, we open wide the gates to the enormity of evil and bestiality, and then there will be nothing to talk about. The European Union, human rights, the cradle of values will cease to exist” – Holland says.

Well, and I’m afraid that crowds of riotous migrants ordered by Lukashenka and Putin will hit targets in Poland, will anarchize the country, rape and loot and Poland will share the fate of France or Germany. It is something monstrous and completely incomprehensible that Agnieszka Holland, who is a woman after all, is not moved by rapes committed on women in France and Germany and the fact that they can also happen to Polish women, at least according to the above interview. They do not raise her objections, do not become the object of sleepy fears about the future. So if there is a “border of evil” about which this whole interview is about, Agnieszka Holland has just crossed it, falling into the darkness into which she wants to draw others. Something like this cannot be allowed.

Anna Wiejak

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