Invest in your family! We invite you to the Congress of Polish Families

On September 15, the Congress of Polish Families and Polonia will begin in Gdańsk, which will last until September 17. Dedicated to Mary, it will not only be an opportunity to entrust our families to Her, but also to meet outstanding authorities of the contemporary Catholic Church. In the special part of the Congress: Apparitions in Kibeho as a way of salvation for our times.

The congress will be held in two languages: Polish and English. The congress is dedicated to Mary and we will entrust our families to Her. For this reason, part of the program will be devoted to the apparitions in Kibeho. This year’s congress of Polish families is therefore addressed to those interested in it from Poland and around the world: to everyone interested in the well-being of their own family.

“If at least one person from your family came to Gdańsk – they will gain a lot of help, light, grace to strengthen their family and help others. There will be translation into English, so it is worth inviting family and friends from around the world to create a civilization of love together” – organizers encourage. “Thanks to this, we will be surrounded in everyday life by people with the same ideals” – they add.

The program includes interesting conferences delivered by, among others: by outstanding speakers, including priest bishop dr hab. P. Turzyński, priest prof. Dr. M. Kalinowski – rector of the Catholic University of Lublin, Fr. prof. R. Skrzypczak, Ph.D. M. Stopikowska, Dr. J. Pulikowski, s. Dr. M. Kwiek, B. Białecka, ed. R. Porzeziński, Fr. Dr. J. Szymczak, Dr. A. Kicińska, Dr. M. Rokicka, Fr. Dr. B. Jaworowski MSF, Anna Mrozowicz, and film producer Maciej Syka. The program also includes a family festival and a short pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pregnancy in Gdańsk-Matemblewo, or a tour of the city.


Friday, 15 september 2023


  • The identity of a Polish family in exile
  • The family is the place of revelation of God and man
  • Children – an investment and a source of happiness in the family
  • Building relationships with children
  • Świadectwo o Rodzinie Ulmów


  • Tasks and difficulties at various stages of family life
  • How can finances help build marital unity?
  • Emotionality in marital relationships
  • The beauty of life and family on the example of the film “All About Man”
  • How to get children out of the virtual network – workshop for parents
  • About forgiveness, love and respect
  • Balance between work and family life.


  • Creative conflict resolution
  • Consultations for family life advisors
  • Care for fertility (the problem of infertility and naprotechnology)
  • Helping a family affected by alcoholism
  • Individual speech therapy consultations for parents of children aged 2 and over

Discussion forum:

  • How to regain contact with your child
  • Spiritual help in the event of the loss of a child. Experiencing mourning in the family
  • Family planning – if not contraception and in vitro – then what?


  • Mission to save families in the apparitions from Kibeho
  • Apparitions and “Rosary to the 7 Sorrows of Mary of Kibeho” – a new chance for the world and families
  • Family – a community of grace and prayer in the light of the message of the “Mother of the Word” from Kibeho
  • Everyone has a second chance in the context of the “Rosary of the Seven Sorrows”. Fruits of meetings with inmates
  • Support for families affected by the imprisonment of one of their members
  • My response to the message of Mary of Kibeho
  • Musical delight with the “Mother of the Word”
  • Union with Our Lady of Sorrows through the “Rosary of the 7 Sorrows”
  • Kibeho – a message to the world (film screening).

Saturday, 16 september 2023


  • Main aspects of changes in the modern family
  • Hear and understand the narratives of a family in crisis. Therapeutic reflection
  • Build on Rock, or a short guide to the 12 Steps
  • Retain/recover youth
  • The phenomenon of loneliness in the family – how to overcome it?

SESSION 5 – PANEL DISCUSSION How to nurture the life of Polish families in emigration

Kids Zone:

  • The story of Piotrek and Selfik (educational and preventive program prepared for children)
  • Music workshops for children.


  • Why marriage? God’s or human’s idea of love
  • Unlock the gates of the home church. A proposal for a new evangelization through family catechesis Around the Table, preparing for the First Holy Communion
  • How to talk to a young person about contemporary bioethical dilemmas?
  • International Association “Marriage meetings” – introduction to dialogue
  • Project “Mother – daughter, woman – woman”
  • “The Prickly Teenager”, or a family at a crossroads…
  • Polish Family Pastoral Care – opportunities for involvement
  • Driving license for your smartphone – workshop for young people.


  • Support for families affected by the imprisonment of one of their members
  • For the sake of the proper development of our children – prevention, diagnosis and therapy of children with FASD
  • Educational problems
  • Family communication
  • Relacje w rodzinie

Discussion forum:

  • The sacrament of marriage – does it still make sense today?
  • Love and its counterfeits
  • Let’s save families with Mary

CONCERT The YOUNG-POLSCY Orchestra conducted by Hubert Kowalski.

Sunday, 17 september 2023


  • Archdiocesan Walking Pilgrimage of Married Couples and Families to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pregnancy in Gdańsk-Matemblewo or visiting: (1) Westerplatte; (2) Classic Gdańsk; (3) Following the “Solidarity” trail
  • Meeting for Family Life Advisors
  • Solemn HOLY MASS about the history of the Sanctuary and a review of current works for life, marriage and families
  • Meeting with the author, Fr. Dr. J. Jastrzębski: How to reconcile prayer, work and rest in family life according to Blessed Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński
  • The beauty of life and family on the example of the film “All About Man”
  • Family Festival in the Glade at the Papal Altar with a presentation of family-friendly activities

Registration on the CONGRESS website:

Registration of guests/collection of entry card ID cards will be collected at four points in Gdańsk:

  • From Monday 11.09: Tourist and Airport Information Point at the airport named after Lech Wałęsa, arrivals hall, open 24 hours
  • From Monday 11.09: Gdańsk Tourist Information Center, Długi Targ St. 28/29, w godz. od 9:00 do 17:00
  • Friday 15.09: Stadium Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk, Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk St. 1, 80-560 Gdańsk, in hours: 07:00 – 10:00
  • Friday 15.09: The church of Saint Anna and Joachim, Sucha St. 3, 80-531 Gdańsk, in hours: 07:00 – 8:00.

At the points mentioned, each participant should show the QR CODE received in the e-mail confirming successful registration. Then the organizer scans the code and issues an ID card, thus registering attendance at the Congress. If the participant collects the card before the Congress, he or she will have to show it again at the Stadium. Each participant is obliged to sign the card with his name and surname, otherwise the card is invalid.

People who cannot join the Congress in Gdańsk will have the opportunity to listen to the proceedings online.

The organizers of the Congress are: Pastoral Care of Polish Emigration KEP, Polish Family Council at the KEP Delegate, Family Pastoral Care of the Archdiocese of Gdańsk, R7B Foundation, Family Help Foundation.

You’re welcome!


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