Join Christmas Eve without borders. Let no one be alone this Christmas!

There are days in the year when no person should be alone. Meanwhile, many foreigners, including students, do not have the opportunity to spend this special time with their families. Of course, we are talking about Christmas, which gathers at one table even those whom we do not get to see every day and which opens our hearts to other people in a special way. If you feel that you would like this one plate at the Christmas Eve table not to remain empty, the Schuman Thought Institute encourages you to join the Christmas Eve Without Borders initiative.

Christmas Eve Without Borders has been organized by the Schuman Institute for several years and every year it becomes more and more popular both among Poles and people who come to our country from abroad. “The main assumption of the project is the assimilation of foreigners in Poland by introducing them to Polish culture, traditions and Christian faith and allowing them to enter into it in a family, cordial circle. Inviting foreigners to Christmas Eve is intended to serve Polish families to expand their knowledge about other cultures and contribute to the creation of new interpersonal relationships” – explain the project coordinators. “In many cases, the friendships made at the Christmas Eve table have survived to this day, are continued and developed” – they add. It is also a great opportunity to evangelize those who have not yet heard about Jesus Christ or have not had the opportunity to get to know Him better.

The idea of Christmas Eve Without Borders was born from the message left to posterity by the Servant of God Robert Schuman, Founding Father of the European Community, who, on the one hand, focused on building relationships, but on the other – on spreading the Catholic faith. “Either Europe will be Christian or it will not exist at all” – he repeated, also in the writings he left behind.

“In Poland, we have extensive experience of hosting young pilgrims from all over the world who came to us for World Youth Day or the European Youth Meetings (Taize)” – the organizers say, emphasizing that nothing unites people like faith and mutual kindness. It is therefore not surprising that very often friendships formed during Christmas Eve Without Borders last despite the passage of time, spreading the joy of the Lord’s Nativity throughout the year.

Anyone who wants to join our project and host a foreigner at the Christmas Eve table can do so by visiting our website and filling out the form intended for families. Foreigners are asked to complete the form in the “Foreigner registration” tab. The Institute of Schuman’s Thought will help to select people for individual families. Let no one be alone this Christmas!


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