Once again we defended freedom

The Institute of Schuman’s Thought joined over 300,000 Poles who gathered in front of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland on January 11 to protest against breaking the law by politicians. Our intention was, above all, to show that as a nation we want freedom and independence and we will not agree to the construction of a superstate, which is taking place in the silence of offices and behind the glare of reporters’ spotlights in the relations between Poland and the European Union.

“The point is not to unite countries to create a superstate. Our European countries are a historical reality. From a psychological point of view, getting rid of them would be impossible. Diversity is a good thing and we do not intend to lower their level or equalize them” – wrote Robert Schuman in the famous book “For Europe”. He saw Europe as a community of independent states united by common values and interests for which borders would not be an obstacle. The founding father of the European community was perfectly aware that independence and the right to self-determination were necessary for citizens to feel stability and security. The latter are a sine qua non condition for economic and social development.

By participating in Thursday’s “Protest of Free Poles”, we wanted not only to express our attachment to values such as patriotism, freedom of speech and conscience, and independence, but also to take care of the condition of the European community, which is strong – there is no doubt about it – thanks to the power of the member countries.

Poland is being weakened not only by the ongoing ideological attack, but also by the lack of respect for the law and state offices, which is happening with the tacit approval of EU officials. The situation is so serious that once in history anarchization and infidelity led to the fall of the Polish state, from which it was unable to recover for 123 years. Has history really taught us nothing?

Anna Wiejak

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