Poland a victim of German migration policy

Hardly a day goes by without the German press writing about migrants crossing Poland to Germany. There are also ideas to introduce controls at the border with Poland. Interestingly, German journalists and columnists notoriously forget to remind their readers that migrants want to come to Germany because they were invited by the German government, while Poland has become a victim of this invitation.

“Although the Polish government boasts of the effectiveness of the barrier erected on the Polish-Belarusian border, about 14,000 illegal immigrants have recently reached Germany via Poland, which is an absolute record” – thunders one of the columnists, incidentally a member of the board of the Kultura Liberalna Foundation. In turn, Philipp Ther, presented as an expert on migration issues in Die Welt, expresses the view that only a liberal government in Poland could convince Poles that Muslims are permanently needed in the country.

The fact that Poland has already accepted several million migrants – from war-torn Ukraine and instead of in refugee centers, Poles received them in their homes, somehow does not appeal to German publicists. These migrants are mostly peaceful, working and trying to shake off the horrors of war. Meanwhile, Muslim migrants brought by the Germans commit brutal crimes en masse – not a day goes by that they do not commit some robbery or rape. Poland does not agree to accept such migrants.

If, on the other hand, we had a liberal government in Poland, Muslim migrants would not be needed for work, as they are generally not willing to work anyway, treating social benefits as a tax on infidels (jizya), but to break up the Polish Catholic identity to pave the way for a cultural revolution. This is also the fate that the Germans want to prepare for the Poles, Germans, who, in their neo-Marxist tendencies, have led their society to cultural and social ruin.

Many immigrants caught by the Polish border guard say directly that they want to go to Germany. Meanwhile, Germany, instead of supporting Poland in protecting its borders, strikes it again and again, clearly hoping to force it to accept illegal immigrants. It is worth noting one more aspect, namely that it cannot be a coincidence that Vladimir Putin used illegal migrants in the hybrid war against Poland and acts in this matter as if shoulder to shoulder with the government in Berlin. And although the Russian leader and the German chancellor probably have completely different motivations for attacking Poles, the effect of these attacks is basically the same.

However, returning to the view expressed in the German media that Muslim immigrants are needed by Poland as a workforce, it is worth noting that if they invade our border and aim at our officers with smoothbore weapons, if they attack them and destroy official cars trying to force their way into our country this is not economic immigration, but simple aggression to destabilize the state.

If Germany does not want these migrants at home (and if so, why should Poland want them?), let them work out systemic solutions so that they do not come to Europe again. The idea expressed by some experts to introduce border controls at the border with Poland is so bizarre that it forces the Polish state to deal with the crisis caused by Germany, which is really serious from the point of view of our security. The German authorities, followed by the media, once again show a total lack of responsibility for the actions taken. It’s time to hold them accountable.


Anna Wiejak

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