Polonia Run 1918

Polonia Run 1918 was initiated in the State Primary School in Gieraszowice for the first time on November 8, 2023. About 80 students and many teachers took part in the Run to celebrate the 105th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. It was preceded by a beautifully organized and conducted academy.

The idea of the Polonia Run 1918 – World Federation of Independence Run association is to organize Polish Independence Runs in cooperation with organizations and schools in Poland.

“I am honored that my idea of Polonia Run 1918 was accepted and implemented in Gieraszowice” Elżbieta Blania Kacprzyk, Animator of the Image of Poland in Europe and the initiator of this event says to the AWPE.pl portal. “Thank you for the opportunity to be with all students, teachers and parents on this day. Thank you all very much for your great contribution to this great celebration of the 105th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence” – she adds.

The report from the Polonia Run 1918 is available at the link:

More informations are on the website: www.poloniarun1918.com

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