President of Solidarity Piotr Duda: They want to kill our economy!

“They want to kill our economy with the so-called Green Deal. What we have been doing for twenty years with your hard agricultural work and hard work to make life better in our country, today they want to take it away from us all just because the European leftists came up with the idea that they will protect the planet” – leader od Solidarity Piotr Duda said during a peaceful demonstration in Warsaw, pointing out that the EU is responsible for only 7% of global CO2 emissions.

“Farmers were not allowed to enter Warsaw. Blockades and spike strips were placed at the city’s outskirts. This is the rule of law according to Donald Tusk” – leader of Solidarity (Solidarność) Piotr Duda said, referring to media reports. According to the information the farmers managed to obtain, only three of their colleagues managed to drive their tractors into the center of Warsaw, to the height of the Palace of Culture and Science.

“I am very proud that farmers are supported by Workers’ Solidarity. There are miners, there are steel workers, there is the automotive industry, there is the food industry, there are many industries of Solidarity, but the most important thing is that we are together today because we are united by one common postulate, and it is called “Down with the Green Deal”. Down with the Green Scam. Down with the Green Venom. How you interpret it, this will be the meaning of this scoundrel that is before us” – continued the chairman of Solidarity.

He recalled that already in 2011, Solidarity warned against the so-called a climate package “that will kill Polish mining, Polish agriculture, the entire Polish industry”. “Then the Prime Minister [Donald Tusk – ed.] promised – it was on June 30, 2011, during a Solidarity demonstration of over 100,000 people – to establish a team that would deal with the so-called climate policy. Two meetings of this team were held and what? And nothing. Today, after eleven years, we must meet again in Warsaw and fight the Green Deal, which will destroy our economy” – he didn’t hide his indignation.

“Our meeting today, our demonstration, is an expression of solidarity towards farmers who have been on strike and protesting in our country for over a month. They are protesting not only on their own behalf, but they are protesting on behalf of all Poles who have the good and good name of the Homeland at heart. We all know that the scoundrel that the European Union is preparing for us, that the Eurocrats are preparing for us, is unacceptable to us” – he said, noting that “Donald Tusk does nothing better than uniting many circles and today is that moment we are uniting”. “This is not the end. This is only the beginning of our march to actually throw this Green Disorder or this Green Venom into the trash” – Duda announced.

“Twenty years ago, Poland joined the European Union. It was preceded by a treaty referendum in June 2003. Then, as Poles, we consented to the government of our country signing the accession treaty. We all worked hard for twenty years – workers, farmers – to achieve this, so that after twenty years you can finally clip your coupons and live in a better world, have more in your wallet. And what does it turn out to be? After twenty years, they want to finish off our economy with the so-called Green Deal. What was spent twenty years with your hard agricultural work, hard work we did work towards a better life in our country, today they want to take it away from all of us just because the European leftists thought they would protect the planet. And we know it perfectly well that the so-called CO2 emissions in the EU are only 7% of global CO2 emissions. And what are the rest of the countries doing? China, the United States, Russia are laughing and they have the Green Deal where? You know where. Let’s say it loud: they don’t give a damn about the Green Deal! And we, my dears, at our own request – not us, but successive Polish governments, because all politicians, from left to right, are responsible for the Green Deal – are weakening our economies to make them less competitive. We will end up being slaves in our own country again, because everything is subordinated to the so-called German economy. We recently had coal furnaces – we switched to gas ones, and in a year or two we will have to eliminate gas ones, because the so-called ETS2 program, i.e. we will pay emission tax for combustion in coal furnaces and for the use of gas and oil boilers. Is it normal? But President Trzaskowski says the planet is on fire. Mr. Trzaskowski, your head is on fire, not the planet!” – thundered the head of Solidarity.

“With this CO2 emission and with this imposition of a so-called one-class climate policy on us, i.e. one subordinated to German politics and the German economy, we do not agree to it, my dears. Because with this CO2 emission or carbon dioxide it is the same as with cholesterol – there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The same with carbon dioxide. This German carbon dioxide is good, but the Polish one is bad. We do not agree to this!” – he emphasized.

“We also do not agree with the narrative that it is either the Green Deal or Polexit. No! We want to be in the European Union, but we want to destroy the Green Deal, put it in this coffin and we will do it” – he added pointing to the coffin that the farmers had brought with them.

He thanked farmers for defending and closing the border against the inflow of cheap grain from Ukraine. “This is not about an ordinary Ukrainian farmer, but about all these agro-kolkhozes that actually transfer these profits to the West. This is very important to us and we will support you in all this” – he said. “Yesterday I received a scandalous letter. Thirteen trade unions from Ukraine signed this letter, blaming you, i.e. Polish farmers, for the death of several Ukrainian drivers on the Polish-Ukrainian border just because you occupy this border and closed it. Hardly this, they demand that trade unions talk to the Polish government so that the border is opened, so I respond to these Ukrainian trade unions: Solidarity has chosen one path, Solidarity is with farmers” – he announced.

Anna Wiejak

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