We publish the statement of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought regarding the current situation of the media in Poland and the existing threats to their functioning.


On behalf of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought as a non-governmental organization bringing together experts, scientists and numerous groups of people of different ages, from all social and professional groups in Poland and Poles from abroad, who are close to Schuman’s idea of building “Solidarity, Unity and Peace”, we protest against the announcements Prime Minister Donald Tusk aimed at removing the role of the Public Media, among others. Polish Television and Polish Radio, as the platforms that are to serve all Poles, to present the image of Poland in Europe and promote Schuman’s Community of Nations of Europe, not a superstate, in all social, cultural, scientific, economic, religious and political dimensions.

Currently, Europe is striving to build a superstate, which the Venerable Servant of God Robert Schuman opposed when he said: “My idea is not to unite countries to create a superstate. Our European countries are a historical reality. Psychologically, it would be impossible and unwise to get rid of them. Their diversity is a good thing and there is no point in removing them or equalizing or unifying them” (Robert Schuman), therefore Mr. Donald Tusk, as a member of the European People’s Party, to which Schuman once belonged, which then worked to build the Community of European Nations, should continue Schuman’s work and not oppose his ideas. The pursuit of a superstate in Spinelli’s ideology is at the same time the destruction of national communities, as well as a fight against the religious and cultural traditions of nations, in order to ultimately also remove such national institutions as parliaments, transferring their role to Brussels.

In the so-called logic of the superstate is also the subordination and transfer of national public media under the control and at the disposal of the central authority in Brussels, which would be exercised by their representatives-commissioners in individual countries, which was an element of Spinelli’s plan. Currently, when actions towards the creation of a superstate have been accelerated in Brussels, taking control of public media in individual nations, including Poland, is to be an instrument supporting the effective implementation of building a superstate, which is also to be an action to remove media platforms on which citizens and the entire nation could express its opinions and obtain current and up-to-date information and express its culture, faith, tradition and attachment to the homeland.

Such actions were strongly criticized by Robert Schuman in the following way: “In fact, the term “democracy” cannot be applied to a system that refuses to recognize the existence of a nation, that is, a living community that has its own, authentic legacy, having its own aspirations and his own mission, which he wants to fulfill in complete freedom, cannot be related to a regime that rejects the very idea of freedom and personal responsibility, which violently suppresses different tendencies and assessments, calling them criminal deviations. In a true democracy there is only one limit to freedom: the foundations of the state and society must be secured against violence and destructive intentions”. (Robert Schuman).

Due to the above, we read the actions of Prime Minister Donald Tusk from Schuman’s perspective as an attack on the National Community, the State and democracy, which is probably intended to promote the building of a superstate and, as a consequence, will lead to the destruction of Schuman’s Community of Nations of Europe. As an Institute that is obliged to propagate Schuman’s ideas in order to return the European Union to its roots, develop the Three Seas Initiative and Polish social reality in the spirit of Schuman, we want to clearly protest against the attempt to monopolize the media in Poland and the attempt to sequester the values of freedom of speech. The announcements of the current government are contrary to the spirit of democracy, tolerance and sovereignty of Poland. We appeal to Prime Minister Donald Tusk to stop this unprecedented attack on the Freedom and Independence of the media. Such action is contrary to the spirit of building the Community and the standards of democratic countries.

We also want to express support to all journalists and the authorities of Public Media. Thank you for your service. Without your great work, many of our important initiatives strengthening Poland’s position, such as: Schuman Trimarium Forum, Debates on the Renewal of the European Union, Animators of Poland’s Image in Europe, Schuman Summer Academy, Universal University of Christian and Social Teaching, would be known to a wider audience in Poland and abroad. We would also like to thank you for promoting Poland and taking care of its interests.

The community of the Institute of Schuman Thought is committed to Schuman to defend truth and law. You can count on our support.

Ryszard Krzyżkowski

President of The Institute of Schuman’s Thought


Tomasz Pysiak



Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak

President of the Program Council


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