The attack on Minister Czarnek is one of the stages of imposing new communism on Poland by the EU mainstream

It seems that the attack of left-liberal circles, including those from the European Parliament, on the Polish Minister of Education and Science, Prof. Przemysław Czarnek is an element of a larger game calculated to interfere in the course and outcome of elections in Poland. Its context is therefore much deeper than the mere exchange of opinions between Polish and Western politicians. There are several arguments in favor of this thesis.

Ilana Cicurel, Renew MEP from France, who came to Poland with a group of other left-wing politicians from the European Parliament, said about Minister Przemysław Czarnek: “His brutality was shocking”. Why? Because the head of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN) demanded the money owed to Poland from Recovery Fund, the lack of which hits Polish education, and he called the crimes committed by the Germans on Poles by their name, addressing German politicians. “The seat of the Gestapo was located on the site of the MEiN. For several years, your ancestors carried out a massacre and it is viewed as a massacre, not from one point of view or another” – said Czarnek to the head of the delegation, the German Sabine Verheyen. He did not allow himself to be intimidated in the case of the scandalous statement of prof. Barbara Engelking and clearly indicated that there would be no consent to slander Poles. All the more so that education and science are the exclusive competence of the Member States and EU officials have no right to interfere with them.

Besides, the head of the MEiN is known for his openness in talking about difficult issues, while always maintaining high personal culture, which cannot be said about many European politicians. He is known for this and, going to meet him, the MEPs from the EP could very well anticipate what they would hear. It can therefore be assumed that the whole group came to Poland with a very specific intention of personally listening to the Polish position on emotional issues, in order to later present them in the right light with a very specific left-wing tag as part of the commentary, which actually happened. The entire visit was not about checking the freedom of the media and science in Poland, but creating the appearance that it does not exist and presenting such appearance of Poland in Europe.

Anyway, even the media in Poland, which is not necessarily favorable to the government, stated that the statement of Prof. Przemysław Czarnek was calm during the meeting with representatives of the European Parliament. A very substantive reminder of historical facts apparently hurt the German politician, as well as the French one, and not only because of historical events. It proved that the Polish government and Polish civil servants will stand firmly on the facts and factual material, which will greatly hinder the plans to federalize the European Union under the aegis of Germany and the imposition of a left-wing, neo-Marxist agenda. No wonder, then, that basically the only conclusion that the aforementioned MEPs took from the meetings held in Poland was that “the meeting confirmed how the Polish government has moved away from EU standards”. This diagnosis is a clear announcement that European left-liberal circles will be mobilized to made every effort to remove from power the team currently ruling in Poland, giving all possible support to the ideologically and intellectually related opposition.

The person of Prof. Przemysław Czarnek is pinching the left-liberal European mainstream, all the more so because he is a representative of the reborn Polish, conservative, Catholic elite – the heir to exactly that elite, which was first murdered in Gestapo torture chambers, and later was brutally murdered by the Soviet occupiers or rotted in the casemates of the communist security service. Neo-Marxism, as well as Marxism before, does not intend to tolerate such elites and will hit them with all its might, as they guard the good intellectual and spiritual condition of the entire nation. One method of such aggression is to present a healthy adherence to the truth in the classic sense of the word as alleged “brutality”. Exactly the same mechanism makes left-wing ideologues call sin by its name lack of tolerance, or adherence to the 10 Commandments parochialism and backwardness.

I am convinced that the visit of the EP delegation to Poland was only to confirm the Polish position, to provide fuel for further grilling of our country and the authorities on the European Union forum. I believe that it resulted from the anxiety of the EU mainstream about the insufficient progress of the neo-Marxist revolution in Poland and the announcement of blocking federalization. Personally, I would call it an element of the election campaign of the Polish opposition on the EU forum due to the poor condition of these circles in the country. Let us remember that we did not choose communism in a democratic way, but it was imposed on us by the Soviets. Now, in a similar way, some circles are trying to impose a new communism on us, and one of the stages of this is the attack on Minister Przemysław Czarnek. Let us note that the EP delegation was particularly interested in the mental condition of LGBT+ people in schools and education for diversity, which met with a very rational reaction of Minister Czarnek. “For us, diversity means people with disabilities, handicaps, people with both physical and mental problems, regardless of their sexual orientation” – the head of the Ministry of Education and Science explained. “When it comes to the health of LGBT+ people, it is as important to me as it is to non-LGBT+ people, people with physical disabilities. Every person has exactly the same dignity as a human person and everyone needs to be taken care of” – he said. For neo-Marxist revolutionaries, only the affirmation of LGBT+ is important as a leverage for the destruction of traditional society, hence the dissatisfaction with the words of Prof. Czarnek. Poland has a really serious problem, because the course of the EP delegation’s visit to Poland indicates that the left-liberal, neo-Marxist mainstream is preparing for a decisive blow.

Anna Wiejak

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