The German MEP admitted that the EU interferes in the election campaign in Poland!

Daniel FREUND in the EP in Brussels

In an interview with the German daily Frankfurter Rundschau, German MEP Daniel Freund from the Green Party referred to the parliamentary elections planned for the autumn in Poland. He admitted that the EU interferes in the election campaign in Poland.

“They will show whether the instruments we have been using for nine months work, and whether it is being debated in the Polish election campaign. If the opposition wins the elections in Poland, it will further isolate Orban in Hungary. If PiS remains in power, it will consider it a confirmation of its current course. Then it will be even more difficult for the EU to firmly defend the rule of law in the coming years” – said Daniel Freund referring to the Polish elections. At the same time, he was in favor of withholding all EU funds from Poland until it submits to the authorities in Brussels and implements the “reforms” expected by them.

Interestingly, he blames Poland (and Hungary) for the crisis of the rule of law in the European Union, apparently forgetting that both countries are objects of unlawful decisions and attacks by EU institutions and authorities in Berlin.

“If we now have Member States that so blatantly disregard common principles and values, that disregard the decisions of the CJEU, that do not fully implement European law but choose the parts that suit them, then the European Union is in danger of disintegrating” – Freund states. And it is impossible not to read these words as preparing the ground for the “cure” pushed by Germany, ie federalization.

When asked if the EU should be able to exclude member states, he admits that it would be “the wrong way” because “people in Poland and Hungary would suffer for keeping their governments. “But that wouldn’t solve the problem either. Suppose tomorrow we kicked Hungary out of the EU, then we would have an autocrat in the middle of the EU, but he would no longer be a member of the EU and he would get on our nerves just the same. We would still not have a functioning democracy in Hungary. That is why I am in favor of putting so much pressure on the EU to make the necessary reforms take place in these countries” – he declared.

This means the announcement of further attacks on Poland and Hungary, both from EU institutions, the left-liberal mainstream, and German politicians, until both countries agree to become part of the EU superstate, which would be in fact the Fourth Reich. It should be noted that interference in the democratic processes of a foreign state is completely unacceptable in a healthy system. This is nothing more than a manifestation of imperialism combined with the totalitarian aspirations of EU institutions and some German politicians. Perhaps it would indeed be better if the EU collapsed as a result of German appetites and be replaced by an authentic community in the spirit of Robert Schuman, whose role would be healthy cooperation, not satisfying German fantasies.


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