The second bottom of the EU migration policy

It does not seem to be a coincidence that the EU mainstream is once again trying to force Member States, including Poland, to accept illegal immigrants from Muslim countries. The goal is to destroy societies and to create a new, properly formatted one on their ruins – a homogeneous mass without roots and easily controllable.

“Multiculturalism has led to an increase in crime, division and a weakening of solidarity in Sweden” – Jimmie Akesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats wrote in the Expressen newspaper. The migration experiment has been going on in Sweden basically since the 1960s, but it was around 2006 that it started to get really dangerous. Murders, rapes, robberies, exclusion and unemployment, because Muslim immigrants are reluctant to work in Western countries, counting only on social benefits, which they treat as so-called jizya, or tax on infidels, is an everyday reality that Swedes have to deal with. Since 2015, Germany via the EU has been trying to provide this “multicultural paradise” to all European countries, including Poland. The question is why?

The neo-Marxist revolution that has been sweeping Europe since 1968 did not result in such a deep identity fragmentation in Poland as it did in other Western countries. Poles, vaccinated by the experience of communism, who fought for their faith and identity during the years of Soviet occupation, now reluctantly gave up all this in favor of new, newly left-wing trends. Meanwhile, in order to carry out the global revolution, it was necessary to mix and unify societies in such a way that they would form one rootless mass that could be easily steered in any direction. Plastic enough to bend to all imposed trends without conflict of conscience. It seems that the key concept of the social engineers of the vanguard of the leftist revolution was to deal with Christianity with the help of Islam. At the same time – as it seems – it was hoped that in confrontation with Christianity Islam would lose its character and its representatives would also be able to be included in a new, global society functioning in the spirit of Aldous Huxley. And although the experience of Sweden showed something completely different, namely that the representatives of Islam do not want to assimilate and they create their own hermetic communities, the Germans did not draw any conclusions from this and in 2015 they invited thousands of migrants to themselves and later tried to force other EU member states to accept them.

This migratory terror has one aspect about which multi-cultural supporters are silent as if spellbound, namely that societies paralyzed by fear for their own safety look less at the hands of their rulers, including EU officials, and focus more on getting home safely. This type of fear management is very convenient for left-wing revolutionaries, because it makes it easier – under the guise of concern for security – to take away more freedoms, and thus to ground the new system more and more firmly.

I believe that this is the reason why – as recently pointed out by MEP Patryk Jaki – the EU is of the opinion that if Poland does not accept a migrant from Africa, it will have to pay the equivalent of approximately PLN 100,000. PLN, meanwhile, for each refugee from Ukraine, the EU transferred to Poland about EUR 200, which is the equivalent of approximately PLN 800. Ukrainians are not valued by EU officials because they are culturally related, and thus they will not fulfill the tasks set for migrants by the leaders of the left-wing revolution.

“During their visit to Ghana, the German government announced an immigration program. They plan to attract at least 400,000 migrants from Africa a year. So someone asked themselves why they are so eager to push us several thousand of those migrants who are already in their country?” – asks Patryk Jaki on Twitter, indicating that Germany wants to keep the better educated and pass the rest on to other countries. It seems, however, that this is only part of the truth, as everything indicates that this is a well-thought-out policy of breaking up societies from within – calculated for many years and systematically implemented in Western countries.

Poland, through the mouth of the Polish government, which has a strong social mandate, said a firm “NO” to the relocation of migrants. The representatives of the ruling party assure that as long as they remain in power, they will not let a single illegal immigrant into Poland, hence the attacks on Poland and attempts to bring about the overthrow of its democratically elected government.

Anna Wiejak

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