This is definitely more than “ugly denunciation of Poland”

I must admit that I received with astonishment the article by Jarosław Kuisz and Karolina Wigura in The New York Times, in which they postulate that American investments in the Polish army should be made dependent on “observance” in Poland of “democratic standards and the rule of law”. I was even more surprised by the fact that this text was published by such an important American newspaper. And this despite the fact that left-liberal circles have already accustomed us to the fact that they can join forces to achieve their goals.

First of all, the absurdity of the postulate to create a kind of conditionality mechanism is striking, because the United States has no better ally in this part of the world than Poland. This role was once played by Germany, but since they were not up to the task, not to mention the lack of subordination to NATO in arming and developing the armed forces, which Donald Trump once reminded them of, the US chose Poland. In addition, Poland is a sovereign state, operating in accordance with the norms of adopted law, and a situation in which a foreign power would interfere in its internal policy and broadly understood internal affairs is simply unthinkable in the civilized world. And yet such an idea was born in the minds of these two authors and even got published.

At this point, it is worth noting that the method of forcing specific solutions on countries by force is very widespread in left-liberal circles. It is enough to recall the “charitable activity” of some organizations in Africa, where they condition the construction of a hospital on the condition that abortions be performed there. We have exactly the same pattern in the operation of the European Commission and other EU institutions that condition the money due to Poland on the introduction of left-wing solutions, for example in the form of the Green Deal, and even go as far as brazen, non-treaty interference in the Polish judiciary, thereby breaking the well-understood rule of law. This lawlessness has become the hallmark of the new left, which lacks remorse.

There is another aspect to this article, and that is national security. Poland must arm itself heavily as soon as possible, because it is in a real way threatened by aggression from Russia. There is a full-scale war going on beyond our eastern border and it could reach our territory. American investments significantly improve our security as well as the security of the entire region. Any action calculated to reduce Poland’s defense efforts and assistance from its allies is nolens volens action for Putin’s Russia.

As can be clearly deduced from the text of “Poland Isn’t the Friend the West Thinks It Is”, its authors do not like the Polish government, which they accuse of campaigns to demonize migrants and sexual minorities, which, to put it mildly, is far from the truth. But it is also a typical gamble of left-liberal circles that treat the defense of normality as violence against LGBT communities in a completely unjustified way. In Poland, it should be strongly emphasized, all citizens are treated equally, and any claim to the contrary is an ordinary lie.

Personally, I treat this article not only as an attempt to destroy Poland’s good image, but also as a direct blow to the security of our country, which cannot be accepted. The former head of the President’s Office of International Policy, Jakub Kumoch, called it “an ugly denunciation of Poland.” I believe that this is much more than that – it is looking for allies abroad for party games at the expense of state security, which is worthy of the deepest condemnation.

Anna Wiejak

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