VIDEO. Prof. Krysiak: The Germans are trying to take possession of the gold we have, so-called peacefully

“The Germans robbed us of gold during World War II, they do not want to give us our assets. The Germans are now trying to take over the gold we have using the so-called peaceful method” – Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak, Chairman of the Program Council of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought said in Anita Gargas’ Magazine.

“Donald Tusk will absolutely not deviate from the line he has adopted” – Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak said, referring to the systematic dismantling of the Polish state carried out by the currently ruling team, including the withdrawal from the construction of the Central Communication Port. “The CPK is crucial for our defense, logistics, and the transfer of troops, but a city and an entire logistics system would be built in that area, which from an economic perspective would be a system with a high investment multiplier” – he said, emphasizing that the money invested in this infrastructure would translate into a high economic growth. “With a multiplier of 4 or 5, our economic growth could reach up to one thousand billion, which would mean an increase of 1/3” – he pointed out. “Removing it is to the detriment of the state, i.e. a crime” – he said, emphasizing that Donald Tusk should be charged with acting to the detriment of the state. “This has the hallmarks of conscious action and now in whose interest is this conscious action taking place?” – he asked rhetorically.

They want a superstate

“The motivation is the system of striving for a superstate, the system of activists, oligarchs, so-called German politicians who want to maintain a certain economic dominance. The striving for a superstate, i.e. the removal of national mechanisms, constitutions, institutions, shifting decisions not only of the central authority to Brussels – of course, decisions have to make in Germany – but also shifting the decisions of local governments, i.e. a superstate, leads to the fact that we simply do not exist. There is only a geographical region where people work, where they are treated as the working class” – he explained, recalling that in Spinelli’s concept, people are supposed to divide into two castes: oligarchs associated with the ruling class group and the working class. “This ruling class is creating the solidarity of an international oligarchy” – he warned.

“Donald Tusk, but not only him, is harnessed to the so-called group of initiated activists of Altiero Spinelli. This group, from the ideological side of these important people, today numbers about 10,000 influential people. Behind this group stands huge financial capital and leads to something that I call it capital violence” – he said.

“Germany treats Donald Tusk like a puppet and the Germans do not care that Donald Tusk’s government succeeds, but that he acts destructively on their orders to collapse the economy” – he diagnosed the situation. “If we lose billions every quarter, where will we be in a year?” – he listed.

“Cardinal Müller has been saying for some time that Poland is facing the fifth partition” – Prof. Krysiak recalled, pointing to German-Russian cooperation despite the sanctions imposed by the EU. “We are still observing strong production in Russia, powered by German industry” – he noted. “If Germany questions NATO and the United States, it can be said that they feel unpunished – meddling in Polish politics proves that the thinking that existed before and after World War I has revived there” – he analyzed. “The mechanisms that Germany is doing here together with Russia must have their agents here” – he added. “At the moment, Donald Tusk has just such a role” – he concluded.

In the opinion of prof. Zbigniew Krysiak, it would be necessary to destroy the current divisions into clubs in the European Parliament and create a new, common faction under the patronage of Robert Schuman. Referring to Poland’s entry into the euro zone, the economist pointed out that it is definitely more than a matter of Poland losing its sovereignty and liquidating the Polish central bank. “Entering the euro means entering the system of the European Central Bank, which decides on interest rates, the euro, asset resources and gold, which currently belongs to us. That is, the Germans, who robbed us of gold during World War II, will not they want to give us back our assets, now they are trying to take over the gold we have using the so-called peaceful method. But the problem here is much more serious: the European Central Bank will influence the issuance of bonds in our Polish budget, the bonds that we issue are needed for expenditure, to meet budget needs, the ECB will be able to decide to what extent bonds can be issued in a given country to meet budget needs or state expenditure. This means that Germany gains access to the mechanism for deciding on development investments in our country, which means they will keep us in such a regime that there are as few investments as possible” – he explained.

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