Will Agnieszka Holland have the courage to visit no-go zones?

Agnieszka Holland’s statement from November 4: “I have the impression that Catholics in Poland are not Christians. In any case, the vast majority, or at least the vast majority of the hierarchy”, probably shocked many Poles. Many people also wondered how long this person would humiliate and slander the Polish nation with impunity. Another thing is that these words prove Holland’s ignorance when it comes to the principles that Catholics should follow.

What Mrs. Holland clearly does not know is that Catholics are bound by the ordo caritatis, or the order of mercy. Therefore, if the Polish borders are stormed by aggressive migrants who attack the Polish Border Guard and the Polish Army, threatening the officers with rape, it is the duty of Catholic Poles to repel this attack in order to protect the country’s borders and, consequently, their own families. The activities of the Polish Border Guard are transparent – operational recordings show both migrants who were helped by the Border Guard because they needed it, and those who attacked Polish border guards. The question is whether Mrs. Holland is interested in finding the truth at all?

Also Agnieszka Holland’s attack related to the remark of some Polish politicians that “migrants carry microorganisms and germs that are harmless to them, Arabs, but deadly to us, white Poles” is completely incomprehensible, because everyone who has ever traveled to Arab countries knows that it is true and is aware of how to protect themselves against these microorganisms. If Mrs. Holland does not know this, it is worth making her aware for her own good that if she wanted to go to Africa with another lecture, she should remember about vaccinations, including the most basic ones against measles, mumps and rubella, polio, hepatitis A and B as well as diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus. Going to the Far East – against typhoid fever. Differences in resistance to certain microorganisms in different parts of the world are common knowledge, and I wonder what Mrs. Holland was doing in biology classes at school? Those who heard her arguments probably had similar thoughts.

Referring to the situation of refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border, Agnieszka Holland stated that “the Polish authorities decided to organize a laboratory of violence and lies there, they closed the region so that no one could enter there, neither humanitarian organizations nor doctors, neither journalists nor the media”. According to the director, those who wanted to help migrants faced a dilemma similar to those rescuing Jews escaping from the extermination camp in nearby Sobibór during World War II. “The authorities said that helping was illegal and that if you helped someone like that, you were actually a criminal and a smuggler and you could actually end up in prison” – she argued. And again, if it’s not bad will, it’s the director’s ignorance. Therefore, I would like to remind you that for helping Jews murdered by the Germans during World War II, Poles faced the death penalty, and yet millions of Poles, including the authorities of the Polish underground state, helped them in one way or another. They did not help the Germans who invaded Polish lands, but the murdered Jews, and translating this to the situation with migrants: the Polish Army helps the Polish population on the border with Belarus who feel threatened by aggressive migrants.

I went to the border and talked to people living there. They feel safe because uniformed services are constantly on guard. So I don’t know who Mrs. Holland actually talked to at the border, maybe not Poles at all? If she talked to anyone at all, because we don’t really know – so far, no evidence has been made public that would confirm the recording of such a conversation.

I have the impression that Mrs. Holland has a serious problem with Polishness and everything Polish, otherwise she would not blame the Polish services for guarding the security of their own country. This behavior is another proof that Agnieszka Holland does not identify with our country, and if so, she really does not have to live there – the world is big, and I especially recommend her to live in Muslim zones governed by Sharia law, or at least let her give lectures there next time – I am sure that these sensitive people will certainly appreciate her directorial skill and erudition, not to mention her honesty.

I would suggest that next time Mrs. Holland gives a lecture in one of the no-go zones in France or Sweden. I would love to watch such a “conference” live. However, I am betting that Mrs. Holland is not afraid to slander Polish soldiers, because she knows that she will not be threatened by anything, but she will not have the courage to “visit” her beloved migrants who “enrich” Europe with the smell of burning cars and the screams of raped women, about those murdered in attacks on innocent people, not to mention. I wonder if the director will take up such a challenge…

Anna Wiejak

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