Brutal pacification of the farmers’ protest. Kwiecień: “The great disgrace of the government on December 13”

Prime Minister Donald Tusk did not find time to meet the farmers protesting in front of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in Warsaw on March 6. The petition they wanted to give him was received by a person working in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in a junior position. Meanwhile, as evidenced by recordings and witness testimonies available on the Internet, police forces were sent to brutally pacify the farmers peacefully protesting in front of the Parliament.

Footage available on social media shows police officers knocking a defenseless man holding a Polish flag to the ground. The policemen break the stem of the flag and trample the flag itself – the symbol of the Polish state – into the ground, struggling with a participant of the farmers’ protest. Another group of police pours gel gas on defenseless and peacefully demonstrating people, as a result of which they are injured. The officers did not spare either the elderly or children. There were also some policemen who threw paving stones at the protesters. Shots with rubber bullets were also fired at the demonstrators. At the same time, those MPs (from the Confederation) who tried to defend farmers were harmed. Few journalists – also. The December 13 Coalition proved that its name did not come out of nowhere, but refers to the shameful events of martial law, when hordes of brutal services shot at praying and protesting people.

Meanwhile, the police have nothing to complain about in their official statements. “Due to the physical aggression of some of the people protesting at Wiejska Street against Police officers, it was necessary to use direct coercive measures” – the statement read. However, Internet users’ recordings are clear – the police attacked mostly defenseless and peaceful people. Only in a few cases have protesters gone too far. Demonstration participants also talk about provocateurs who were not part of the strike and threw cobblestones at the police.

“During the events taking place at Wiejska Street, several policemen were injured. Currently, several people have been detained” – the police informed. The question is whether the detained include the policeman who threw paving stones at the protesters, or those who desecrated the Polish flag and brutally knocked one of the protest members to the ground? Or maybe those who ran after farmers who were running away with gas?

“What happened today on Wiejska Street will go down in history as a great disgrace of this government, the government of December 13” – PiS MP Anna Kwiecień said from the parliamentary rostrum. “Farmers wanted to protest peacefully today and point out that there is a great danger of depriving Europe, of depriving Poland of agricultural production, because this is the goal of the Eurocrats: Europe is to stop producing food, it is to be dependent on food imported from other continents or from countries outside the European Union” – she noticed. “Does anyone take into account the fact that someone could interrupt supply chains and Europe could experience what Ukraine experienced under Stalin, just simple famine?” – she asked. “Today, farmers are fighting for our food security, for security in Europe, and we have an obligation to support them in this, because, like military security, food and energy security are the basis of life and security not only for us, but for future generations of Poles” – she concluded.

The question is whether the European Commission, which fights for the rule of law, will condemn the brutal pacification of the farmers’ protest? Finally, its representatives praised the current Polish government for returning to European standards.

Anna Wiejak

Photo: Screen Fb

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