IMS representatives at the 10th anniversary of the Polish community organization Virtualia ART

Virtualia ART Jubilee

On July 7, 2023, representatives of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought participated in the 10th anniversary of the Virtualia ART Association, a Polish community organization operating in Belgium.

Dr. Marek Oktaba, director of the Universal University of Christian and Social Teaching, and Malwina Hopej, director of the School of Animators of Poland’s Image in Europe, congratulated Ms. Yvette Poplawska, President of the International Association of Artists, Authors, Journalists, Lawyers, for her activities to date to promote Polish culture and history in the Benelux countries and Polish community activity in Belgium.

The jubilee was an opportunity to strengthen the international dialogue of the Polish diaspora from all over Europe – as Yvette Poplawska emphasized, “we have gathered many honorable guests; I am convinced that thanks to this meeting, new projects in the field of education, culture, art, industry consolidation will be created in order to inspire people” – as well as the promotion of Polish culture. The Virtualia ART festival was graced with recitals by outstanding Polish artists, soprano Dominika Zamara and pianist Elżbieta Dedek.

Marek Oktaba reminded that a strong state and Europe are based on the strength of citizens and solidarity, which have their roots in Christianity. “Poles are a nation of freedom and solidarity, we have often fought for our freedom and yours, and this is our contribution to Europe. All of you who came here are the Animators of Poland’s Image in Europe, for which we would like to thank you and congratulate you. We keep our fingers crossed for you to persevere in this as long as possible”.

Mr. Mariusz Woźniak, a Polish community activist from London, awarded the 10th Anniversary MS AADP Virtualia ART Commemorative Medal, added that “all activities undertaken by the Polish community contribute to the good name of Poland, and thanks to the work of the Polish community, Poland’s position on the international scene will always be very strong”.

The Institute of Schuman’s Thought was the patron of the ceremony and the founder of additional prizes – the book “Robert Schuman. A man who wanted to save Europe” by A. Frączak, M. Przelaskowski, were awarded. The Music, Dance, Golden Microphone, Literatek vel Polonicus, Golden Pen, Golden Globe and Commemorative Medals of the 10th Anniversary MS AADP Virtualia ART, for their activities for the promotion of the image of Poland, they were awarded i.a. Barbara Kaczmarowska Hamilton (portrait artist, Great Britain), Paula Branach (Polish Air Force Institute of Polish Language and Culture in Ghent, Belgium), Marcin Piórkowski (307 Squadron Project, Great Britain), Marta Kulikowska de Nałęcz (ballerina, Belgium), Dominika Zamara (soprano, Italy), Dr. Justyna Napiórkowska (Katarzyna Napiórkowska Gallery, Poland-Belgium), Waldemar Zientara (Soldiers’ Association of the 12th Podolian Cavalry Regiment, Italy), Marek Oktaba (IMS), Malwina Hopej (AWPE).

The International Association of Artists Authors Journalists Lawyers MS AADP Virtualia ART is an organization founded in Belgium by Yvette Popławska, an organization working for the Polish community and Poles, whose aim is to conduct an international dialogue, promote Polish culture and history in Western Europe and take care of Polish necropolises in the Benelux region. Jubilee Virtualia ART was a diploma project implemented as part of the School of Animators of the Poland’s Image in Europe, a task financed by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister as part of the Polonia and Poles abroad 2023 competition.

Malwina Hopej

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