Polonia “in the face of the threat to the independence, sovereignty and state existence of our Homeland”

Representatives of Polish organizations from five continents and 12 countries around the world took part in the Congress for Independence organized on October 1-4, 2023, among others, in Warsaw and Lublin by the World Association “Republika Polonia”. The topic of the talks was Poland’s internal and international situation and the upcoming parliamentary elections, in which the Polish diaspora put forward a common candidate, Adam Gajkowski.

“I warmly welcome the members and supporters of the World Association of Republic of Polonia who came to the country from five continents and 12 countries around the world in the face of the threat to the independence, sovereignty and state existence of our homeland” – Maria Szonert-Binienda said, opening the proceedings. The latter was blessed by Prelate Priest Stanisław Jeż.

“Once, on the pavements of Paris, during the Great Emigration, Father Kajsiewicz shouted: It will not be any foreign doctrine that will save us, but the love of the Homeland and the Divine Son. I think that in modern times, only the Gospel has the power to transform the civilization of death into a civilization of love, where man it prevails over things, where ethics take precedence over economic matters, where being is more important than having, where mercy precedes justice” – Fr. Jeż said.

“This important meeting of patriotic circles from around the world serves to strengthen cooperation and deepen understanding of current events, including disturbing ones, that affect Poland’s security” – Małgorzata Gosiewska (PiS) noted. “We are pleased that the Polish community is interested in what is happening in the old homeland and wants to take an active part in socio-political life” – she added, addressing the audience. “Our compatriots living abroad are our best ambassadors, because our great diplomats actually stay for a while, four years, while you, dear compatriots, live in distant places all the time. You cultivate Polish tradition, language, you actually represent us” – she emphasized. “You can do a lot for our image abroad and, most importantly, you are doing it” – she added. “Just as the Polish diaspora needs the support of its old Homeland, we need your activity” – she said, pointing out that there are countries and forces that are hindering Poland’s development and its good image.

“As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at the last program convention in Katowice, Poland faces the most basic, most fundamental choice, because in these next elections Poles will answer the question not only what Poland will be like, not only whose Poland will be, but also the question whether there will be Poland. Will Poland exist? Will Poland be a sovereign country?” – she was wondering.

Jarosław Krajewski (PiS) also addressed important words to the gathered representatives of the Polish diaspora. “We are a unique nation that cares about the Polish language, Polish tradition, Polish culture, and Polish education around the world. We are a nation that does not forget about our history, does not forget about the events related to World War II, with the years of communism, which left such a strong mark on the fate of many families, many Polish houses. Today, also outside the borders of our country, caring for Poland, caring for building the prestige of our country in the international arena” – he said. “I would like to congratulate you on this idea of uniting Poles around the world, but also on this name, Republika Polonia, which is very important to every Pole” – he noted.

Referring to the issue of security, Jarosław Krajewski noted that “today we are building a country with a strong Polish army. We want Poland to be a role model also for the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance”. He pointed out that Poland is perceived by the United States and European countries as a key country for NATO’s eastern flank. At the same time, he reminded that Poland spends 4%. GDP for defense and can provide a point of reference in these troubled times. “That is why the parliamentary elections are so important. We will not only decide about the next four years, but also about security issues for the next decade” – he said.

Drawing attention to Poland’s rapid economic development, he emphasized that “Poland’s image in the world is associated with the idea of a solidary state. A state that offers its citizens decent living conditions”.

Alicja Żebrowska, councilor of the capital city of Warsaw and candidate for the Senate on behalf of the United Right, spoke in a similar tone. “There is a lot of talk that these are the most important elections in the history of modern Poland, and these words are not an exaggeration” – she said. “Why is this so important? The government of the United Right has raised the profile of Poland in many areas. The government of Law and Justice has restored dignity to many Polish families, restored dignity to retirees. No other government has supported families, especially large families, pensioners, as we do” – she recalled.

In Żebrowska’s opinion, “attention should be paid to Poland’s great civilizational leap in terms of all types of infrastructure and economy”. She cited the Central Communication Port, Via Baltica and Via Carpatia as examples. “This can absolutely change the role of our country in Europe, but also in the world” – she said. “Only the third term of office of Law and Justice guarantees that all these programs and all these undertakings will be continued” – she emphasized.

Anna Wiejak

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