Scandal! The culture portal suggests that the Nazis were Poles, not Germans reviewing the film “Oppenheimer” used the phrases “Hitler’s Poland” and “Nazi atomic bomb”, which in combination may suggest that Poles were Nazis (Germans were not mentioned at all). Well, once again, it must be remembered that the Nazis were Germans.

This is not the first distortion in the English-language media, which, for incomprehensible reasons, are trying to make Poles at least partly responsible for German Nazi crimes.

“The urgency of World War 2 and the Nazi atomic bomb threat spawn the Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer, acknowledging the need to act beyond theory, joins the war effort. Hitler’s Poland coincided with nuclear fission’s energy potential discovery, prompting the project’s start” – we can read in the review.

More than once I have wondered why the English-language media distorts history so often and charges Poles, who suffered the most as a result of German aggression during World War II, with responsibility for the crimes of Nazi Germany. It seems that the main reason is the fact that the Germans have not yet accounted for the bestial murders and looting of Poles. Relatively few German criminals were convicted in the Nuremberg trials. The rest donned Democrat feathers and pretended they had nothing to do with war crimes. If Germany had paid Poland its due reparations – which it has not done to this day – it could not serve the narrative that the war was started by some “stateless Nazis”, because the message that would go around the world would be unequivocal.

Of course, I do not in any way justify the above-mentioned Internet portal, which apparently showed either a lack of knowledge or ill will. I believe that the author of this article should be prosecuted for defaming the Polish nation.

The article in question is available at the following link:

Anna Wiejak

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