Welcome to Bratislava! Animators of the Image of Poland in Europe will meet with the Slovak Polish diaspora. Anyone can join online

The Institute of Schuman’s Thought and the Animators of Poland’s Image in Europe (AWPE) invite you to a meeting with representatives of the Polish community in Slovakia. It will start on March 18, 2023 at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Bratislava at Paulínyho 7 Street, at 10.00. Participants of the Universal University of Christian and Social Teaching will also take part in it on-line.

The next meeting of the School of Animators of the Image of Poland in Europe will take place during the meeting. You will be able to listen to lecture by the School Coordinator Malwina Hopej. Krzysztof Janowski – AWPE Project Coordinator – and Małgorzata Jaroszek will give lectures on the activities of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought and present the project Animators of Poland’s Image in Europe, to which the members of the Institute invite everyone, who is interested in socio-political matters and shaping Europe, in the spirit of the Founding Father of the Servant of the Community of Europe God’s Robert Schuman. “This meeting is also connected with the jubilee celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the death of the venerable servant of God Robert Schuman, falling this year. Robert Schuman was a politician who believed that in a democratic state it was important to respect the principles of Christianity. He wanted to build community and relationships between people, because believed that by building good relations, one could achieve unity, solidarity and peace” – says Małgorzata Jaroszek, spokeswoman for the Institute of Schuman’s Thought. “We invite everyone to take part in this meeting. You can also connect via the Internet via Microsoft Teams” – she encourages.

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10.00-10.10: Welcome of the participants and introduction by the Ambassador and the Consul.

10.10-10.20: Characteristics and general presentation of the work of AWPE, Małgorzata Jaroszek, Krzysztof Janowski.

10.20-10.30: School of Polish Image Animators (AWPE), PhD student Malwina Hopej, Director of the AWPE School.

10.30-10.40: Universal University of Christian and Social Teaching (PUNCS), dr Marek Oktaba, Director of PUNCS.

10.40-10.50: Forum of the Young Schuman Generation in Międzymorze, Krasiczyn, September 18-22, 2023, Piotr Tarnogórski, Member of the Program Council of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought for Youth and Schuman Youth Groups.

10.50-11.00: Journey in the footsteps of Schuman: Metz-Strasburg-Luxemburg-Maria Laach May 7-13, 2023, including a conference at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Ryszard Krzyżkowski, president of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought.

11.00-11.30: Bilateral talks and relationship building during a coffee break.

11.30-12.50: Discussion and declarations of participants of the meeting regarding the type of works undertaken and the ways of their implementation within the AWPE, moderated by: Krzysztof Janowski, Małgorzata Jaroszek.

12.50-13.00: Summary and end of the meeting, Ambassador, Consul and IMS representative.

13.00-13.30: Bilateral talks and building relationships over the final coffee.

“The aim of AWPE is primarily to promote a good image of Poland in the country and abroad, based on historical truth, to pass on Polish culture, tradition and Christian values. We want to reach many nationalities living in different European countries with this good image. We are concerned with building relations based on friendship, unity of cooperation between Poles and Polish diaspora living in European countries. We intend to organize various events in the field, such as picnics, festivals, concerts” – explains the spokesperson of the Institute of Schuman Thought. “We want to build a network of international contacts, Polish community leaders. Poles living abroad will have the opportunity to meet the Ambassador or consuls, which in my opinion will be a good opportunity to deepen these relations” – she adds, pointing out that another goal of the AWPE project is to strengthen the role of community leaders. “We care about the personal and professional development of leaders, in terms of expanding competences and skills. We want to see talents and potential. This is where the role of the School of Animators of Poland’s Image in Europe, coordinated by Malwina Hopej, is important” – says Jaroszek.

The organizers of the meeting cordially invite everyone who cares about Poland’s good name in Europe. “Such a solution is to create integration between Polish diaspora communities from different countries as well as the exchange of ideas and mutual support in the actions taken and the ways of their implementation, which is to increase the effectiveness of pursuing Poland’s interests and building the image of Poland. Such an approach will enable coordinated and simultaneous actions to be taken in specific issues. Simultaneous, i.e. at the same time and moment, publicizing and acting by the Polish community on certain issues important to Poland creates great clout and effectiveness in the implementation of goals and tasks that Poland has in Europe, and that Poland wants to implement in relation to the needs of Poles abroad and in Poland” – thhey emphasize. In their opinion, “actions that put straight the false image of the Republic of Poland are necessary for the normalization of international relations, as postulated by Poland, based on the principle of equality, sovereignty, inviolability of borders and not acting to the detriment of other states and nations.”

Anna Wiejak

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