Will the European Commission ban fur farming?

There are many indications that the European Union will decide to abandon fur farming and introduce a ban on its operation. It’s all because of the citizens’ initiative “Fur-Free Europe”, which will be dealt with first by EC experts and later by EU institutions.

The initiative “Fur Free Europe” calls on the Commission to take action to prohibit: (i) the keeping and killing of animals for the sole or main purpose of fur production and (ii) the placement of farmed animal fur, and products containing such fur, on the EU market. It also raises important issues regarding the protection of human, animal and environmental health, which the Commission will assess following its ‘One Health approach’, which has as core principle the recognition that human, animal and environmental health are inextricably linked.

The Commission has tasked EFSA to provide a scientific opinion on the welfare of animals farmed for fur. Building further on this scientific input, and on an assessment of economic and social impacts, the Commission will then communicate on the most appropriate action.

The two legislative proposals will be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council. On the European Citizens’ Initiative, EFSA will begin its scientific assessment on the basis of the Commission’s request and deliver its scientific opinion by March 2025.

The Commission will also continue its preparatory work on other animal welfare proposals, as announced in the Farm to Fork Strategy.


Source: EC

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